Cycling in the Netherlands




The Facts:

-The Netherlands is the most advanced, cycling –friendly country on earth.
-Cycling is ingrained in the Dutch culture. Dutch children learn to cycle almost before they learn to walk. Children are taught how to cycle as of the age of 3.
-There are roughly 35.000 km ( 22,000 miles) of cycling paths – 29,000 km ( 18,020 mi) of which are segregated.
-In Amsterdam, some 60% of people cycle to work on a daily basis.
-The quality of the bicycle lanes is of a high standard.
-Helmets are not required in the Netherlands.
-Cycling under the influence of alcohol is an offence in the Netherlands, the official limit is a blood alcohol level of 0.5 – just the same as for driving a car.
-Using a cell phone while cycling in the Netherlands is strongly discouraged but not against the law.